COMPOST is a magazine about the digital commons. But we also see it as a process to metabolize and renew our relationships with the Web, to imagine and build interdependent, equitable, and solidarity-based systems of communication and knowledge sharing.

This is a project of the Distributed Press, made possible by our partners and supporters.



The theme of the first issue is fertile grounds. As large swathes of the Web decay, we want to explore how its remains can help new networks flourish. What are the raw materials we can work with? What tools can we employ? What worlds can we shape together?

We are featuring works that are approachable, intimate, and grounded in experience. Contributors are examining the Web from a place of abundance, to reflect on the projects, communities, technologies, protocols, and networks that enable authentic and trustful connections. Even as much of existing digital infrastructure fails to embolden truth or bring people together, we want to recognize the parts that give us hope.

This magazine is a pilot of Distributed Press, a larger project to build digital publishing infrastructure that is managed collectively and horizontally. In our endeavors, participatory governance will create the feedback loops that help us respond to the evolving needs of our authors and readers. Collective ownership will help us share costs and risks while achieving success together.

We will be publishing works with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike International 4.0 license (CC BY-SA 4.0) by default. On a case by case basis, we would support authors who want to experiment with other types of licensing.


Contributors to COMPOST will also participate in strategic decisionmaking and share in the financial success of our magazine. In addition to the time they devote to creating their piece, contributors will join us during scheduled conversations to help us:

  • Lay the foundations for COMPOST to become a co-operative enterprise, so that it is democratically owned and controlled by its contributing members;
  • Conceptualize and validate new revenue streams using web monetization, Open Collective, and Gitcoin through tips, donations, subscriptions, crowdfunds, or selling premium works and experiences;
  • Create a supportive creative environment, encouraging constructive peer feedback and discussions about our magazine’s content and digital implementation;
  • Imagine equitable web futures. COMPOST will be published to multiple DWeb and Web endpoints, allowing us to use the distinct features of protocols such as Hypercore, IPFS, SSB, among others. What new interactions, communities, and experiences can we cultivate?


For each contributor, we have budgeted:

  • USD $300 flat fee for participation in development of this project; and an additional
  • USD $300 ~ $800 for creative work, to allow for a range of pieces.

Once the magazine is launched, contributors could also receive additional payments (e.g. through tips, donations, etc.), depending on our joint decisions around revenues.


Date Milestone
  Call for Pitches
09 NOV 2020 Call for pitches announced.
08 DEC 2020 Deadline for contributors to submit pitches (end of day, anywhere on earth).
16 DEC 2020 Pitch acceptance decisions communicated to contributors. (Delayed from 11 Dec)
  Creative Development
21 DEC 2020 Week of project orientation calls for selected contributors. (Before Christmas)
  Meet each other, present our ideas, review timeline/technical/payment logistics
  Presentation on co-operative, web monetization, publication
06 JAN 2020 Open peer feedback session.
13 JAN 2020 Contributor draft submission deadline (end of day, anywhere on earth).
  Launch Planning
25 JAN 2021 Discussion on collective ownership and financial success.
09 FEB 2021 Collective strategizing on publication and monetization features.
19 FEB 2021 First issue ready for internal review from contributors.
26 FEB 2021 First issue soft launched. Pre-release magazine link and promotion materials sent to contributors for review.
  Public Launch
05 MAR 2021 First issue public release.
12 MAR 2021 Post-launch call to discuss future steps.


Please get in touch at for any questions or concerns. We are happy to hear from you!

Last updated: 3 FEB 2021